Monday, November 17, 2008

Penny Wars--better than real wars

If you've stopped by the common room or dining hall of a Residential College, you've probably noticed a large container which will soon start filling up with spare change. The Whitmaniac offers very little information, calling on student to donate their spare change to the Penny Wars as part of Hunger Awareness Week. HOWEVER the sign by the plastic jug in the Rocky Common Room makes a couple of important addendum which clearly qualifies "spare change" as pennies... In fact, adding other sorts of currency detracts points, because apparently Princetonians can't give to charity anonymously without making it out to be some sort of competition.

The Rules
  • Pennies are worth 1 point each.
  • Coins other than pennies (nickels, dimes, quarters) are worth -25 points each.
  • Bills are worth -100 points each.
This seems to me to be a pretty strange setup, which directly compromises the incentive to donate lots of money to the cause. Clearly this is a moral incentive to sabotage the other Residential Colleges. So let the cheating begin! Grab all of your pennies and take them to your own Residential College (or Whitman if you're unaffiliated) and then, unsaddle all of your other loose change elsewhere. Mwahahahaha.

Remember, it's for charity, and the Honor Code does not apply!

Or, you could just give it all to Unicef. They'll take anything.

But how will you get your competition fix then?

Or, if you can be bothered, you could always trade bills for pennies at the bank. Be warned, you'll get strange looks from the tellers. Also, pennies are kind of heavy.


Anonymous said...

Umm...the purpose of Penny Wars is to put larger coins into the other colleges' jars. It's not cheating, it's the entire premise of the fundraising activity. I'm shocked that fifth graders can understand this, but Martha Vega can't.