Friday, May 22, 2009

UPDATED: Could Fisch '11 pull off an upset?

There are now 400 reasons that Mendy Fisch '11 could win the June 2 Democratic primary for the Princeton Borough Council.

Fisch's campaign has helped 399 students request absentee ballots, a number "significantly more than usual," the Princeton Packet reported Thursday night.

What does Borough Council President Andrew Koontz have to say about all this love for democracy Princeton students are showing?

"It is important to verify these requests are coming from the people they say they are coming from."

Not only that, Koontz says while there is "no indication of misconduct", the the high number of absentee ballots means that "caution needed to be exercised." Real classy, Andrew.

WHY are folks nervous? Because candidates in the Borough Council's Democratic primary often win with a lot less than 400 votes.

Will the work pay off? Who knows. Campaign volunteers have gone crazy this spring, knocking on the same dorm doors five or six times to make sure students were registered. But now comes the hard part: Students will receive the ballot in the mail and will have to fill it out and send it back to the Borough.

Three candidates are running for the two seats being contested: incumbent Kevin Wilkes '83, Borough resident Jenny Crummiller and Fisch, who is also a senior writer for The Daily Princetonian. Though incumbent
Margaret Karcher was expected to seek re-election, her name does not appear on the ballot. With no Republican candidates, the two candidates with the most votes on June 2 win the race.


Anonymous said...

It won't help Fisch that it's almost impossible to find his name on the ballot. It took a third and fourth go-overs to see him all the way at the bottom right of my provisional copy, in a separate column with no other people. If I hadn't known that he was running and that his name should have been there somewhere, I certainly would have missed it.