Tuesday, July 28, 2009

U. just misses being Top 20 party school

OK, that's not true at all.

But Old Nassau did make it on to a few of the 62 rankings that the Princeton Review (which is NOT affiliated with the University) announced this week after interviewing more than 122K college students around the country.

So where does Princeton fall among its collegiate peers? Some of the rankings might surprise you.

#2 Best College Library (behind Harvard. Ouch.)
#7 Most Beautiful Campus (7th?!)
#8 Great Financial Aid (Didn't we used to be the best?)
#9 Students Who Study the Most (What...)
#14 Schools Run Like Butter (Yeah administration)
#18 Most Politically Active Students (Princeton students fight for things)


Anonymous said...

How on earth did Princeton get to be #18 for Most Politically Active Students?? I haven't seen any political activity at all since I got here. Maybe it's because politicians send their kids here?

Anonymous said...

we use to be #1 for "schools runs like butter". these rankings don't mean sh*t, but we're still slipping!

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked we ranked in 'schools runs like butter.' With grade deflation, blind-following of Harvard's admissions moves, questionable alcohol policy decisions etc., our administrators seem fairly clueless/inattentive to student input.