Sunday, January 10, 2010

Princeton in Primetime

Our campus doesn't make it on TV often (unless its a back-to-back showing of 'Transformers 2' and "A Beautiful Mind"), but WABC sent a news team to cover the campus debate over arming Public Safety.

If you weren't watching on Friday, here's a chance to see "Battle on Campus."


'12 said...

I like how ABC decided this was an issue even though no one on campus is talking about this.

Anonymous said...

4 gang members tried to kill a visitor at Carl Fields a few weeks ago. During the beating, a gun was about to be drawn when the victim saw a PU Officer. Ran for help and the 4 gang members ran away....thinking the officer was armed (Thank God). The same gang bangers later robbed two students on the Street. Had they known the PU Officer was unarmed, you would have a dead cop and a dead visitor. Keep in mind this visitor was marked by the incarcerated Blood member he testified against after being shot. So conversations need not exist for the issue to be real. Princeton has an image to protect and most of the serious issues get squashed in the womb. Ignorance does not defeat gang mentality.

Anonymous said...

These also completed screwed up CDY's name. "Conner Diemand-Yaumen"? Haha.