Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bye, Bye Goodcrush

Were you hoping to start something up with that cute-guy-with-blond-hair-wearing-red-shorts-on-the-treadmill who just might have smiled back at your repeated glances during your workout the other day? Well, looks like you have to act fast!, the site originally launched as CrushFinder in 2007 by then-USG president Josh Weinstein '09, will shut down on Monday.

The matchmaking service quickly gained popularity at the University - with "Goodcrushing" becoming a verb in the vocabularies of many Princetonians - and moved beyond Princeton in 2009. (I wonder if this news explains the recent influx of love sickness on are we the only ones who have noticed?)

But, fear not fellow socially awkward Ivy Leaguers! If you get squeamish thinking of the backward, pre-Goodcrush days when making a move on that hottie across the room couldn't be done from behind the safety of your computer screen, there is hope! Weinstein has another site in the works (which, apparently, might launch at Yale?).

We'll keep you posted.

(Image: Goodcrush Logo)