Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ha! So I'm not crazy!

I do not have at this moment, nor have I ever had, a Facebook profile.

I admit, that this has at times been tedious. Facebook is a tool whose uses go well beyond procrastination, and by being out of the loop, I've missed out on those uses (and not to mention more than one great joke).

So why not be on Facebook? It's a combination of things. Mostly paranoia, though. I'd like to think that I've been right, of course. It seems (not being on Facebook, I can't say for sure) that Facebook has progressively become less and less of a safe and non-invasive place.

But now it seems that there's a particularly great reason to stay off of Facebook: according to The New York Times it is almost impossible to actually leave Facebook. I'm not talking about deactivating your account; I mean, actually removing all of your personal information and removing your account. apparently, this entails manually removing all personal data--Wall posts, entries, photographs, etc.-- and then contacting Facebook in writing.

Another hassle averted by not being on Facebook!