Sunday, June 1, 2008

P-Rade Photos

Leading off the P-Rade are the head marshals, followed by Class of 2009 president Grant Bermann, carrying the University flag.

Next came President Tilghman, with Alumni Association president David Siegfried '64 to her right.

The oldest returning alumnus this year was Malcolm Warnock '25. As recently as 2001, he impressed crowds by walking the end of the P-Rade route.

An alumnus from the Class of 1934 takes in the P-Rade from his golf cart as onlookers from younger classes cheer.

Gordon Wu '58, who has donated more than $100 million to the University, marched in the P-Rade in celebration of his 50th reunion.

The 45th Reunion Class of 1963 went with an Elvis theme and carried record-shaped signs.

University Vice President and Secretary Robert Durkee '69 marched with his class for his 39th reunion.

Beer can be found almost anywhere during Reunions, including in the hands of those driving along the P-Rade route.

University trustee Kim Ritrievi '80 heads down Elm Drive with her husband during the P-Rade.

A calliope plays traditional Princeton songs and other favorites as it makes its way past Dillon Gym.

Alumni really do have an unusual propensity for marrying each other, but they also love Princeton. Two newlyweds from the Class of 2003 delayed their honeymoon to attend Reunions.

Members of the graduating Class of 2008 waited several hours for their chance to march in the P-Rade ...

... but judging from the empty beer cans strewn along the P-Rade route, they found plenty of ways to pass the time.

Photos by Tatiana Lau '09

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