Monday, February 9, 2009

Food Drive at Labyrinth Books

If you've been to Labyrinth lately to pick up books, you have probably seen the sign in the window advertising their ongoing food drive.

Labyrinth Books collects non-perishable goods and stores them for the food bank in Trenton, (which operates through the Trenton Crisis Ministry). On a weekly or bi-weekly basis, the Ministry picks up food donations.

If you are not familiar with New Jersey's geography, Trenton is only about fifteen minutes down Route 206, but its streets are starkly different from Princeton's. Given the recent fever pitch of the economic crisis, now is an especially important time to be aware of our neighbors.

If you're walking down Nassau Street sometime this week, pick up a can or two (the U-Store, Olive May's, CVS, McCaffery's, Wegman's and Whole Foods are a few local shops that sell non-perishables), and drop them off at Labyrinth.

If we come together as a campus and each donate two cans of food, this could make a massive difference for people suffering from difficult circumstances just a few miles away. Think about it this week.