Monday, February 9, 2009

Tiger Style: Warm Weather Transitions

In response to the unusually warm temperatures that blessed Princeton this weekend, students adapted by mixing wintry colors with more spring-like styles. Many broke out some fabulous coats, which had been forced to hide in the closet for the past two months. I especially liked the Strawberry Printed Jacket that Ariel Sibert’12 bought from a vintage store in L.A., and Mary Noble’s (Graduate student) white tufted coat from ebay. Boots were a necessity in such weather due to the slushy muck that destroys all flats with its filth. Some girls, however, braved the sludge wearing brightly colored sneakers in flat-out resistance to the season.

Nikki Sequeria'11
Scarf from Egypt
BCBG Sweater
Buffalo Jeans
Coach Shoes
Kenneth Cole Bag

Emma Yates '11
'TJ Maxx Scarf
U-Store Backpack
Jacket and Skirt from Nordstrom's
Italian Boots from 'TJ Maxx

Ariel Sibert'12
Vintage Jacket
Vintage Skirt
Antique Key necklace
$4 Store Skirt
Buffalo Exchange Boots

Alya Forster'12
Chanel Glasses
George Simmerton Coat
Urban Outfitters Sweater and Jeans
Boots from Paris
Flight 001 Bag

Florian Niedworok, Visiting Student
Hat from Austria
Scarf from China
Sweater from Germany
Check and Jones Jeans
Timberland Boots

Michaela Shaw'12
Echo Red Coat
Backpack from a Luggage Store
Ruehl Jeans
Her own Boots

Mary Noble GS
Vintage Coat from eBay

Ilya Ryzhov GS
Macy's Leather Jacket

Rebecca Arkin'11
North Face Trench
Urban Outfitters Bag
Boots from Nordstroms
DKNY tights

Alex Krupp'10
Barbour Jacket
Polo Sweater
Citizen Jeans
Frye Boots
North Face Backpack

Fiona Chan'11
Tom Ford Sunglasses
Promod Skirt
Pepe Jeans Jacket
Benneton Shirt
Siegerson Morrison Boots
Wolford Tights