Saturday, August 1, 2009

College News Round-Up 3: Contests

A Boston University graduate student Joel Tenenbaum, who was found guilty of illegally downloading 30 songs and distributing them, faces damages of $675,000. The damages in the case could have been as much as $4,500,000, had the jury required Tenebaum to pay the maximum of $150,000 per violation.

Harvard trademarks phrases like “Ask what you can do,” “A self-guided walking tour of Harvard Yard” and “Power of ideas at work.” Their 91 registered trademarks greatly exceed Princeton's 5.

Quote of the day- Robin Harris, the chief executive officer of the Ivy League Conference in the New York Times:
““People in athletics are naturally competitive, so the game is still important,” she said. “I think they’re friends, it’s very collegial, but in the end, Harvard wants to beat Yale, Yale wants to beat Harvard and they both want to beat Princeton.””


Anonymous said...

They've registered "HAHVAHD"--WTF?

Anonymous said...

And Harvard (TM) wonders why everybody perceives them as a bunch of snotty, stuck-up idiots... SERIOUSLY!!!