Monday, August 3, 2009

Marathon Sunday in NYC

This is an informal posting on my glorious, movie marathon experience in the NYC AMC theatre. 8 hours of film. 6 dollar entry fee. 4 movies. Different genres. Here is my round-up:

For the indie/romantic comedy we have:
500 days of summer
This film surprised me as I went in thinking to myself "Oh god, another Indie movie about boy meets girls, falls in love blablabla... SNORE" which meant that this was one of the movies that I was not keen in watching. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised. It was so well put together, witty, sweet and beautifully constructed, both visually and in terms of plot and structure that I didn't even mind when the film went all musical at one point for a whole 2 minutes. That was because everything fits so perfectly like a well made jigsaw puzzle! Joseph Gordon Levitt is absolutely charming and vulnerable in this film, but is able to switch from confident guy who gets gorgeous girl to dejected boy who loses gorgeous girl in a blink of an eye. Never ever saw that in him when he was in 3rd rock from the sun. Ever.

For the sci-fi/thriller we have:
This was a film that I really wanted to see since Kevin Spacey is the voice of the computer in a space station while Sam Rockwell goes cuckoo and talks to himself for about 70% of the film. Kind of disappointed actually, but I say that I already knew what to expect as all was already revealed by the trailer. Was glad that Spacey-computer did not veer towards 2001: Spacey-creepiness. Or actually, maybe it would have been better if said computer were more creepy? It's hard to actually decide when you expect something and it either a) never materializes and then it has a danger of disappointing because you expected it or b) it materializes and then it disappoints because it is cliched. But yeah, this film does not really have anything to shout about in my opinion.

For Action/Blockbuster we have:
Transformers 2
I. Could. Not. Breathe. After merely 3 minutes of chaotic action, destruction, mayhem and disaster (yes it is necessary for me to be redundant, because in this case more than ever, form meets function), I already found myself completely inundated in CGI debris. 2 hours of non-stop explosions just left me mentally exhausted, and not in a positive way.
Mega-Visual-Techno-Porn Megatron Awful.

For Comedy we have:
Absolute crude heap of crap that provoked involuntarily laughs within me just because it was the only way for me to relief myself from all that cringing. DISAPPOINTING.

So there we go! My marathon movie sunday!



Ajlouny said...

What a great deal.