Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wikipedia is now a valid academic source!

...or, at least, one of the co-founders has said that he doesn't object to it being used as such, this in contrast to his past statement that students really shouldn't rely on it.

Don't worry, we on facebook already knew that If Wikipedia Says It, It Must Be True. Besides, if you weren't intending for it to be used for academic purposes, why exactly did you make it? I didn't think it was for anything like this:


Martha Vega said...

btw, I hope you don't think that I was trying to mock you in any way. I just wanted to warn the people to whom it is not obvious that trusting Wikipedia is a dangerous pastime.

My original intention was to comment in a comment, but it wouldn't let me put in pictures :(

And I like the pictures... Speaking of which, that video you posted is hilarious.

Lillian Zhou said...

Not at all! I thought your comic strips were quite hilarious as well, as were your links to various instances of vandalism. :)