Monday, December 3, 2007

Keeping our priorities straight since 1746.

I really hate to be such a Negative Nancy, because I love Princeton. It's great. The academics are great; the professors great (though I hear bad things about the math department? But what about John Nash?); the people are great. Everyone's singing all the time under arches, and if the work were less difficult or, you know, nonexistent, I'm pretty sure USNews would have declared that Princeton was the happiest place in the world.
But sometimes, I just don't know what to make of the Princeton experience...

Need to brush up on your networking etiquette?

Want to learn how to schmooze with recruiters and alumni?

Interested in improving your connections?

Come to the NETWORKING ETIQUETTE EVENT hosted by Career Services where a Professional Etiquette Consultant will help you understand how to communicate effectively while holding food and a drink and prepare for the Alumni Connections Event at Prospect House on Wednesday.


Martha Vega said...

The main problem with the math department is that it's such a strong department...

As to etiquette... that's actually a great thing about Princeton. Like it or not, etiquette and our mastery of it, is a standard by which we will be judged in certain circles--circles to which many Princetonians will probably want to belong. I for one applaud the University's effort to instruct us in this way. Some Princeton students have always belonged to a society which has taught them how to shake hands, which wines to drink, etc. Those who haven't can at best feel awkward in formal situations, and at worst be excluded from them, much to their detriment. It's nice to know that Princeton is willing to even the playing field for interested students.