Friday, November 30, 2007

Princeton Is Just Like Hogwarts!

Or maybe it's more like elementary school...

Actually, elementary school and Hogwarts might not be so different, though I won't go into the details of What's Wrong with Hogwarts because I've already been called "Hermione" once today for over analyzing the biases sustained by Gryffindors against sentient non-magical races, which in the end might make them more similar to the Slytherins than most wizards would like to admit. (And because this post already contains too much over analyzing of Harry Potter as is.)

This aforementioned comment was inspired by a conversation over which Hogwarts House Princeton would be. Surprisingly, I was not the one who started the discussion--I actually walked in on a meeting of the blogging staff ten minutes late and found them discussing the matter.

Well, if we take into account that clearly we are the best (just ask the US News and World Report), and the fact that we're theoretically working in the Nation's Service (and the Service of All Nations), we're probably Gryffindors.

But then again, we are pretty academically rigorous. We have to do all that independent work: the JP and Senior Thesis are rather unique to Princeton. And don't forget our high ranking. We're probably Ravenclaws.

No, no, wait! We have that Honor Code thingy. Clearly that means that we're impeccably honest and honorable. Plus, orange and black are pretty similar to yellow and black. We're probably Hufflepuffs.

Hufflepuffs? Of course not! How dare I even consider the prospect? Everyone knows that Hufflepuff is where all the losers go (well, I guess Cedric and Tonks were OK, but they both died...). Princeton is far too refined for that. As we're constantly told, we're the leaders of tomorrow, and if the admissions process weren't selective enough (which I'm assured that it is), we've got tons of hurdles once you've gotten in to maintain the prestigious pedigree of our Eating Clubs, Woodrow Wilson School, and now, thanks to College Night, even the Residential Colleges. Obviously, we're Slytherins.


Lillian Zhou said...

I'm going to have to say we're Gryffindor - Princeton is where all the main characters of the world come from. :)

Martha Vega said...

But in any good story, it's always the villains who are most interesting.