Friday, November 9, 2007

Tonight's Piñata

An e-mail from the USG, in preparation for tomorrow's Yale game:

Maybe there won't be a bonfire this year, but there will be a...
Tonight--11 pm--the steps of Whig
with...delicious treats from the Bent Spoon
Seeya there!

Above is Handsome Dan XVI, tonight's piñata in the flesh. Princeton has a chance to spoil Yale's chances for an Ivy League Championship tomorrow, and end their undefeated season. Yale overestimates Princeton at its own risk: when the bulldog above was chosen as Yale's mascot in 2005, according to a Sports Illustrated Story, it was praised during mascot tryouts for biting at a crimson blanket (for Harvard) rather than a toy tiger (for Princeton). Of course, we all know who was celebrating a Princeton victory the next year: