Monday, November 19, 2007

Achievements and Wishes

Mondays are bad. Ask Garfield. To make things worse, go to It's hours of fun, I promise. Pictured at right is my favorite of their demotivators. (This is fair use, right?)

Maybe that's what the person who put the wish grid up in front of Frist was thinking. I really wish I had a picture of that. Anyone know what it is? I asked the people at the Frist Help Desk, but they had no idea. My bet it's that it's a work of art... Though the people in my philosophy precept seemed to like the idea of it just being a wish grid for the sake of wishes. I guess that's nice too.

Oh well, Monday's almost over, and tomorrow will be Tuesday, and then it's almost the weekend (and this time, it's true too!)


Lillian Zhou said...

lol. I like how these are all perfect for disaffected college students.

Martha Vega said...

maybe that's why I enjoy them so much...