Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stricter Alcohol Policy -- What are your thoughts?

(Graphic by Stephen Hsia)

The Prince first reported last Thursday that the University has announced a stricter alcohol policy, including Public Safety Officers patrolling residence hallways and having RCAs discourage and report incidents involving alcohol.

On Friday, students expressed their concern in this story.

The Editorial Board and Dean of Undergraduate Students Kathleen Deignan
made their arguments in opposing editorials in Monday's paper, with the Editorial Board attacking the policy for an "unconscionable disregard for student opinions and concerns," and Dean Deignan responding that the enhanced role of RCAs was envisioned after visits to other Universities, and aimed at preventing "pre-gaming" and excessive alcohol abuse.

Are the new patrols and the increased roles of RCAs too draconian, a valid method of protecting student safety, or somewhere in between?

With the poll and in comments, we want to hear your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Not sure its such a good idea for RCAs to enforce the policy