Thursday, November 8, 2007

Have fun procrastinating with ECO!

Because the one thing every Princeton student needs is some other way to procrastinate, I thought I would share the wealth.

The New York Times
has an interesting blog which ties in with
Freakonomics . If you've taken ECO 101 or ECO 100 it's worth a look. Some of the stuff is really amusing. Or terrifying. Or both. Take this post on middle class suicide bombers for example. Also interesting is this related article on Halo 3. Some of the comments on the post are really priceless, like this one:
This guy is just awful at Halo. Running towards your enemy while shooting them is a viable tactic, except when he gets close, he should be attacking them with a melee attack instead of the grenade. By using the grenade, which takes a few seconds to explode, he solidifies his own (virtual) death. If he just used a melee attack, which is essentially a pistol whip (or a machine gun whip, or a rocket launcher whip… you get the idea), he’d probably not only survive most encounters, but come out victorious as well.
Because the issue at hand is clearly Thompson's Halo 3 skillz. Not.

If you're not really into reading, but prefer just to look at clever diagrams, I suggest you check out
Jessica Hagy's blog, Indexed. (I also found this via Freakonomics...) I was going to put up a really nifty image from her blog regarding trees and tuition, but Blogger is being stupid.

Anyway, having procrastinated I am now going to go do work. I am in no way, shape or form responsible for any damages that might result from your decision to procrastinate!