Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Once upon a midnight dreary...

I had to stop by McCosh--the infirmary, not the lecture hall. Well, I suppose it wasn't midnight. Or really all that dreary, but I made an unfortunate discovery: McCosh is one of the most dismally depressing buildings I've ever been in. Once you've made it past the large front doors (the only access after-hours) there's this rather cold hall and a sign telling you to take the elevator to the second floor. Those of you who have seen Harry Potter 5 will know what I mean when I say that Dolores Umbridge could very well have designed the elevator.

Although I've never seen a more depressing shade of pink, the real drag are the rooms themselves: the white walls are mostly bare, the furniture doesn't match, the bedspreads are plain white. The room almost reminded me of the bare cell I lived in while I was working in Paris two summers ago, except well, that that room had the decided advantage of (a) having a large window, and (b) being in Paris. Maybe I wouldn't have noticed the dreariness of the rooms if not for the fact that the infirmary at my high school was cheerily decorated in themed rooms with bright posters and bedspreads. Of course, there were two beds to a room, and no desk. I suppose you give and take...

Just another reason to avoid getting sick I suppose.

And, on a completely unrelated note, the library mouse I'm using is a ball mouse--I didn't even know they made those anymore.