Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Architectural woes

The Stata Center, pictured at left, has often been listed to me as one of the (few) redeeming features of MIT architecture. To give credit where it is due: it is an interesting building. I can't say that I'd really like to look at it for very long, and it's not the pleasantest building to walk through, but it does have a Dr. Seuss-y charm to it.

Of course, it's what one would expect from Frank Gehry. Apparently however, all those zany angles have come with an unintended cost, and now MIT is suing Gehry Partners. Apparently there's all sorts of design flaws. You can read a fuller version of the story here. According to Wikipedia, this might actually be a pretty consistent problem with Gehry's work, which is especially troubling given the fact that Gehry is currently building a library for Princeton.