Monday, November 26, 2007

Overkill much?

First there were the t-shirts, then the hoodies, then the baseball caps, the beach towels and the seat cushions, and last Monday, the sweatpants... I was betting that next we would get Whitman tennis shoes, or socks at the very least, though umbrella's would have been nice too.

They went for cookies. Whitman cookies. Unfortunately I ate mine before it occurred to me to take a photograph, and when I went back for more, they were all gone. Of course, this is all news to you if you don't happen to belong to Whitman College. Today they were actually checking proxes, which I had figured the card checker would do--but still, to actually be asked for my prox before being allowed to swipe, to say that it didn't feel right is a very big understatement.

So, what do you all think of College Night? Are the other colleges asking for "papers" as well? Really, I want to know.


Anonymous said...

i think we need more gatsby parties