Tuesday, September 23, 2008

VIDEO: Citadel fans boo, chant slurs at PU band

Several videos have emerged from last Sunday's confrontation between the Princeton University Band and cadets at The Citadel, reported in the Prince and a column in the Charleston Post and Courier.

This video shows several fans at the football game chanting "faggots" repeatedly during the band's halftime performance, between the 3:00-3:07 minute mark. The overwhelming majority of the fans greeted the performance with hearty and sustained boos throughout the band's eight minute long show, but refrained from slurs of this kind that I can make out in the video. As someone who took a bus to the Yale game two years ago, this crowd does not seem that much louder.

The sound is especially loud because the video seems to be recorded right in the middle of the student section. Another Youtube video of the game from across the stadium records the boos as less loud so that the band's instruments and announcement can be heard.


Steve Pearson '09 said...

An analogous situation from the City of Brotherly Love:


Fans will be fans. Hope we don't get bent out of shape about this aspect of the story.


Steve Pearson '09 said...

A clarification:

I didn't mean to say that we shouldn't get bent out of shape over the fans' chanting of "faggots".

I meant that we shouldn't get bent out of shape over what this seems to be: an example of "fans behaving badly".

In this case, boorishly and crudely as well.


Anonymous said...

This video makes me wonder how different these absurdly territorial future servicemen are from the radical Islamists that they will invariably torture and kill in years to come...