Friday, May 28, 2010

Reunions Coverage: Princeton-in-Hollywood

Princetonians in the entertainment industry gathered this afternoon on the front lawn of the Peter B. Lewis Center for the Arts for fruit and conversation, with old Triangle members, producers, actors and actresses rubbing elbows with and screenwriters, comedians and singers.

"Being an actor from Princeton is kind of a disadvantage because people don't care if you're smart in LA," explained Ethan Stone '06. "They just want to see what you have to do. So it's good to have an organization of Princetonians to help network."

Reunions is also an important opportunity for the Southern California Princeton-in-Hollywood alumni to re-connect with peers working in New York City. Among those working in the "other Hollywood" is Josephine Decker '03, who creates music videos and for the next year will be working on a narrative feature, a dark fairy tale about an all-women's accordion group.

Past Princeton reunions have also been studded with Hollywood stars. Tom Wharton '71, who now works as a grip, recalled meeting Jimmy Stewart '32 during a previous Princeton reunion. He added that he comes back now, though, for other reasons: "I wanted to see the degenerates that I went to school with in a pretty place."

by Sophie Jin