Saturday, May 29, 2010

Reunions Coverage: Women's Basketball Reunion

The first comment of the Varsity Women Basketball alums was that they were the most fun group at reunions; even former men’s team players knew this since they decided to join the party. While the beginning of the event behind Eno Hall had a small showing the numbers increased as recent alumni caught up as well as met older previous members of the varsity team. While they played years apart it still was a family atmosphere as the women traded basketball stories about playing abroad and work. Casey Lockwood ’07 has lived in New Zealand and worked on an Abalone farm since graduation has really missed playing basketball. “I am so stoked to be back with these girls. They are like family and I miss playing with them at the intensity we played,” Lockwood said.

photo: Coach Melanie and Julia Berger '09 pose for the camera.

by Charlotte Guyett