Thursday, October 4, 2007

Apples and Oranges

My schedule this term revolves around McCosh and Firestone: class at 11 in one, followed by class at 1:30 in the other, forming a nice little chiasmus . Naturally then, I haven't been trekking down to ye not-so-olde Whitman for my lunch break (what a summer internship won't do for you...) and have instead opted to dine in ye olde-yet-recently-renovated Rocky. This has prompted a few discoveries, the most important which are as follows:
  1. Whitman apples are unbeatable. Really, they are.
  2. Rocky has Real Food.
I assume that Whitman has what could possibly be passed off as real food, but I have yet to find Real Food. (NB: pizza and sandwiches are part of neither category for the purposes of this discussion.) My first taste of the renovated Rocky was wasabi-crusted salmon. That's hard to beat, but they did, with some absolutely fantastic ratatouille-type thing (now I see what Rémy and Anton Ego were talking about--don't get the reference? Shame on you then...). Today's Real Food choice was some sort of Eastern European sausage dish. Not up to par with the eggplant ratatoille, but a good deal better than pizza.

Now, I should point out that the last time I ate this was in a Parisian restaurant. And so, even as I relished the sweet taste of the sausage, I found myself thinking of summer nights in Paris. Whitman's never done that for me...

Of course, to give Whitman its due as a dining hall, I have to reiterate my previous point: they've got fantastic apples. Their oranges ain't bad either. And their variety is better than Rocky's, to say nothing of the fact that they have a panini machine! (Interesting fact for the non-Italian speaker: panini literally means "sandwiches".)

And then there's poor ol' Wu/Wilcox. The only advantage they have is V8 and grapefruit for breakfast. And their grapefruit wasn't all that great the last time I went. Alas. Oh well. Tant pis.

And since this post is already obscenely long, I'll leave on that point. Ciao.