Monday, October 1, 2007

Orange Tape

Whitman College, wonderful residential college that it is, has one truly tragic flaw: it bears testament to a terrible sort of myopia which plagued the construction. This shortsightedness is made manifest in many ways, from the grave problem that the buildings have to be retrofitted for accessibility to the significantly more amusing fact that some furniture is still on backorder.

But now, one more thing can be added to the list of things the planning committees apparently didn't think of: Sadly Dining Services tape now bars the entrance to the Whitman serving area through all but one of the wooden arches. I can see the problem to which this might be the solution: to tell the truth the first time I set foot in the dining hall I wondered how they would manage to keep out people who hadn't swiped, especially during peak hours when the cardchecker would be distracted by a long line. Apparently the answer was that they didn't (unless of course the tape was on backorder too and that was the plan all along). What I can't understand however, is why they couldn't come up with a solution that didn't clash with the architecture.

The lady checking card told me the tape was likely to be permanent. I was so upset I forgot to take an apple.