Monday, October 1, 2007

A little bit late...

The sky is a little bit overcast, it took three cups of coffee to get me to see straight, I'm behind on my reading, and my JP has to all appearances decided it hates me... and yet, I feel great.

Something about today feels like the first day of school. Maybe it's the fact that the weather is finally just right, or maybe it's that I can no longer change my classes willy-nilly, or maybe it's that I pressed snooze just four times today. Don't really know why, don't really care why; I feel great. Oh, yes, actually, I do know why. I think it has to do with the apples in Whitman.

Finally, finally I can see why Adam might have risked it all for the little fruit. I still think it should have been a mango--or a pomegranate, although you can't quite bite into pomegranates. Thank you eBay. Actually, I guess it almost makes up for the fact that I've been living in a not-quite finished room for two weeks. They finally came and fixed it, so in theory it shouldn't rain in my room on sunny, yet humid, days anymore. Will I elaborate? Probably not, it seems more exciting this way.

Well, more on Whitman later. More on the library later. Now I have to go read Leviathan. If it had to be nasty and brutish, couldn't it be short too?