Saturday, October 6, 2007

C a m p u s S a f e t y A l e r t

Campus Safety Alert

This notice is to advise you of an incident that concerns the University community

I won't ask if you received a bunch of these emails recently, because I know all of you have if you live, study, work, or breathe, on campus, on a regular basis. On the other hand, I really don't know how many of you read them.

To summarize: within such and such a period of time, in such and such a dormitory, three laptops were taken from an unlocked room. Please follow these safety tips: always lock your doors (and this is bolded), get a computer lock, and so on, and so forth.

Yesterday, we received an update: the laptops had been taken as a prank, and have since been returned. The same safety tips follow (though locking your doors is no longer in bold).

The entire incident was pretty pointless, despite the thrilling headline ("Incident: burglary and theft"). I'm glad that our campus is so safe that a drawn-out prank is pretty much the extent of our worries.


Martha Vega said...

Actually, I for one find these alerts to be useful. Students at Princeton often mock those at Yale, because, as one student put it, we can walk off campus without being mugged. But, as death is present in Arcadia, so is danger in Princeton.

In this case, it was a prank. I don't assume it was funny for the students whose laptops were taken from their rooms. However, in the past these alerts have signaled true robberies, and even more dangerous and malicious crimes. Last year a car was stolen from campus. Also last year a stranger broke into a student's room while she slept.

It's Public Safety's job to keep us and our possessions safe, but clearly they can't do it without our cooperation. Personally I do read these emails and I appreciate them.