Saturday, January 31, 2009

My beef with Uggs...

I know that I should just give up already, but I still don't understand what is so great about Ugg boots, and I really wish people would stop wearing them. Why is this the one fad that refuses to die? Sure, I mean, they're cozy (I did, I am ashamed to say, own a pair at one point in my life), but doesn't anyone have any semblance of originality anymore? There are plenty of other comfortable shoes out there, like moovboots, the wellies lined with sheepskin that I am dying to get my hands on...they're so cute from the outside, that no one has an inkling that your feet are luxuriating in a soft heavenly wonderland. Warm and waterproof...what else can a girl want?
Many things, as it turns out, not least that females within my eyesight graduate to grown up boots, like Frye, and cease to inundate my poor helpless vision with those hideous brown suede "Ugly" Boots (their proper Australian name). They make you look like a fat tourist from Idaho, munching on a street vendor's pretzel while staring star-struck at Rockefeller Center. Please, take my advice, be a little different, and go downtown, buy some, "gasp", vintage boots, and ditch that Vera Bradley/Longchamp bag in favor of a nice leather tote (I particularly am in favor of those from Anthropologie, but understand that they are a little trop cher, vintage is always a more interesting alternative anyway). Only then can my sense of aesthetic rest in peace, happy with the knowledge that people are choosing to resist the devastating tendency to conform.


Anonymous said...

You know that this article has been written in just about every publication ever, right? This is almost plagiarism.