Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Diggin' In The Mudd: The Dinky

Should we replace The Dinky? It's a question that is being debated all over campus. The Dinky, though, has some interesting history that's worth considering before you take a position. The Dinky was built in 1865 and since then has had a prominent place in Princeton lore.

It's visible here in an 1874 Railway Guide:
It was described in 1879:

And here's how it looked in 1906:

-1906 "Ten Years of Princeton"

The Dinky had a place in work of F Scott Fitzgerald and J.D. Salinger. It was also in this biographical story in 1913:

The Great Dinky Robbery took place in 1963, as described in PAW by George R. Bunn Jr. '63:

"It was houseparties weekend, Friday night. We rented four horses at this place about ten miles away and rode them back into town. We sat up in the woods beside the tracks - not entirely sober, if I remember right - and waited for the 6:14 P.J. and B. We had hats and bandannas and everything, and I had a .38 pistol loaded with blanks.When the train came along, we galloped down to the tracks and I rode straight at the train, and the conductor screeched it to a stop, and we all climbed on and I fired off a couple of shots - it was very loud - and everybody was yelling and had their hands up and all the businessmen were throwing their wallets at us.We didn't have dates on the train. We just picked the four girls we thought were most likely to play along and took them off the train and told them what was going on and they got on the horses and we all took off through the woods to Prospect. The whole night was filled with sirens. I walked my horse right into Colonial, got into a couple of fights. When the police got to The Street, we lit out back and headed for Lake Carnegie. Then we rode the horses back to the stables. They got some lathered horses back that night.
It was fabulous. And there was no harm done. The school knew what had happened and who had done it, I think, but officially they did nothing.They threw me out three weeks later, though, for something else."


Bumby Scott said...

Princeton has never been known for its convenience, if you want something easier move to Boston and attend Harvard.