Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome, Class of 2015!

Yes, you read that right. With the latest round of admissions decisions complete, eager teenagers on College Confidential’s forums started a “Princeton 2015 Hopefuls” thread on April 10.

The future Class of 2014 may be celebrating their admissions victories and floating through the second semester of their senior years in a self-satisfied daze, but their potential followers are already fretting about how many schools to apply to and how bad their SAT scores are.

Jersey13, the member who began the topic, declared that “the most angst filled months are yet to come” followed by a smiley face. Someone’s a masochist. The next person to respond noted, “My application is not the greatest, but I'm a legacy.”

With 79 responses and counting, the discussion has already grown to six pages. Members have begun to offer each other advice about safety schools and consolation about application weaknesses, previewing the dozens of messages yet to come.

In their assessments of each other, College Confidential members try to avoid inflated expectations, with one poster saying, “I wouldn't say automatic rejection but your chances are probably quite slim.”

Perhaps the wisest contributor to the thread was the one who simply commented, “This thread is creepy.”


Anonymous said...

That thread may be creepy,
but this one is even creepier.

Anonymous said...

^lmao agreed. The CC one is fanatic... this is just stalkerish.