Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ivy Watch: Cornell considers a collaboration abroad while Dartmouth proposes internal changes

Shedding light on the surge in apps

The number of applications to Brown was 30,136—more than a 20% increase from the previous year. However, its yield rate has declined since the class of 2010 applied. Last year 53.1% of accepted candidates chose to attend Brown, though the figure was 58.9% three years ago.

Columbia: USenate writes proposal to allow Dec. 23 exams to be rescheduled

Effective next fall any Columbia student with one or more exams scheduled for December 23 can request to take them on an earlier date. Currently, undergraduate students are allowed to submit a request only when they have three final exams scheduled for the same day.

Cornell: Cornell Partners With Hong Kong to Create New Veterinary School

Cornell may be involved in starting the first veterinary school in Hong Kong in collaboration with the city’s government. Cornell’s own College of Veterinary Medicine would help develop curricula and mentor faculty members.

Dartmouth: Administration to undergo restructuring

Dartmouth President Jim Yong Kim has announced several changes to be made to the senior administration structure. The reorganization includes a new chief-of-staff position and will be implemented June 1.

Harvard: Masters Urge Caution Over Unofficial Class

Someone unaffiliated with Harvard has been teaching unofficial classes on its campus. The Harvard University Police Department has gotten involved in trying to stop it.

Penn: U. starts Fling room checks

In anticipation of Penn’s Spring Fling this past weekend—its version of Lawnparties—the administration started doing its annual bag checks but did so one week later than usual. It also did room checks focused on violations such as possession of alcohol and tampered smoke detectors.

Yale: Public in uproar over murders

Three murders have occurred in the past week in New Haven, bringing the murder toll since January to 11. All three men who were killed were black, and the murders have not been resolved.

By Jason Jung, staff writer for News