Monday, April 26, 2010

Is my thesis hot or not?

For those of you who’ve ever wondered on the final stretch of an all-nighter whether your essay’s argument is total garbage—which is probably most of us at some point—the world of academia may have finally answered your prayers.

A few days ago GradShare, an online community of graduate students, opened a website called Is My Thesis Hot or Not, which allows grad students to post their essay’s thesis statements to be judged by other users of the site. Respondents rate the thesis as “hot” or “not,” while the website keeps track of the total number of votes a thesis receives in each category. Users are given an option to write comments to the poster as well.

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, the website now has 75 theses, titles, and topics posted, with roughly 5,000 comments in total. Posts range from “Cyber charter schools can have a positive effect on inner city scholastic achievement,” to “1001 Ways to Penetrate a Body: corporeal boundaries and the experience of s/m.” As the Chronicle reports, “Most of them are decidedly not hot.”

By Jonathan Dec, staff writer for News