Thursday, August 28, 2008

And War was at the Heart of it all

If there is one thing that should have tugged on the heart strings of all convention goers on Wednesday, it was the words and stories of veterans.

It started when the DNC played video titled a “Tribute to Veterans” that was directed by Steven Spielberg. The soldiers shared the struggles they faced adjusting to wartime and back to the life of a normal civilian. They talked about being afraid for their lives, losing friends in combat, putting pressure on their families to take care of them.

And though CNN played commentary during Major Tammy Duckworth’s speech, her tale is worth retelling. She opened with a story about how when she was serving in Iraq she got wounded and her fellow soldiers helped her to safety. She credited her survival to the army’s policy of leaving no man behind. As she spoke, the camera would cut in and out to behind the podium where convention goers could see that she had lost both of her legs in combat. But the speech was not really about Major Tammy Duckworth, but rather a full endorsement of Barack Obama and his policies regarding the treatment of U.S. soldiers. She said that he would have a “zero tolerance” policy for homeless veterans. She emphasized that it was important to take care of the soldiers when they get back at home, including giving them adequate treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But she also stressed Barack Obama's judgment to know when to go into war in the first place.

But perhaps what brought it home the most was when the Vice Presidential Nominee’s son, Captain Beau Biden III took the stage. He talked about the sacrifices his father made when he took a train from Washington, DC, to Wilmington, Delaware, to be with his family every night. He described his father as a hero who had to face great obstacles to get to become a successful politician. Beau Biden is currently the attorney general of Delaware but he will be going to serve in Iraq in October. Though he didn’t mention his service explicitly, he pleaded with the audience to stand by his father because he won’t be there to stand by him. “Be there because Barack Obama and Joe Biden will deliver America the change they need,” said Biden.


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