Monday, August 11, 2008

Prox blocked in China

Our man in China tells me the Prox is not accessible from China, which is why I'll be posting his next post for him in just a few minutes.

As an editor of this blog, I find this mildly flattering/funny.

To the right, please find Jingjing, who meant to remind internet users in China that "the Internet is not a place beyond of law."


Anonymous said...

I do believe that it's blogger in general that's blocked, and not just the Prox.

Michael Juel-Larsen '09 said...

Yeah, I figured there was some explanation that did not involve this particular blog...Makes sense.

Anonymous said...

The server of China's People's Daily Online is actually in America. They used to have a discussion section at the end of their articles until someone punched the Washington, D.C., Joker too many times in the political brain stem and then the Internet discussion section went dead.