Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dissidents in Denver

If there is ever a time to stage a protest, the Democratic National Convention is certainly one. It is one the largest assembly of political heavyweights and media giants in one place for an extended period of time. Or at least that's what some activists are thinking:

Yesterday, a pro-life and anti-gay marriage group sparked controversy when they gathered on 16th Street in front of the Sheraton hotel. As they shouted things like “homo-sex is sin", they also traded insults with a group of unconnected pro-choice Denver residents and convention goers. The taunting and bickering between the two groups certainly made those in the area take notice. And a few Denver residents told me they hadn’t see things get that intense before. But the police had things under control and every protest has to get a permit from the city so I’m sure the group wasn’t unexpected.

On Sunday fewer than 1,000 anti-war protesters marched between the state capital and the Pepsi Center. The number of protesters at the march was less than expected, but every day activists can be seen taking their message to the streets of Denver.

The activism spans the ideological spectrum from those who want to “Make Love not War” and “Impeach President Bush” to others who think we should elect "Jesus for President". A group from PETA was driving around in costumes of pigs to protest animal cruelty.

A reporter who covered the conventions in 2004, said the level of protests and activists activities is nothing compared to those sparked when the Republican National Convention came to New York. Go figure.

And where there is a protest there is bound to be people like me documenting the event. Take a look at a few pictures of protests throughout the week after the jump.