Saturday, August 2, 2008

What I want to know is who are #s 1 - 13...

So, the Princeton Review (no association with the famous university) has apparently come out with the new rankings for their oh-so-useful college guide. Following are what Princeton scored on the Review, extracted from IvyGate, along with commentary.

#14 Best Classroom Experience
What I want to know, is how does it get better than my Dante/Italian lit/French lit with Paul Fournel/Animation/Intellectual History/Junior Seminars?
#20 Students Study the Most
Meh. I buy it.
#2 Best College Library
Today, I went to the Escorial, where they told us that the castle has the second greatest christian library from the period. I was kind of disappointed, until the guide pointed out that the best is housed in the Vatican. Duh.
#1 Students Happy With Financial Aid
That's going to change, but I have to say, no complaints.
#2 School Runs Like Butter
How exactly does butter run?
#3 Happiest Students
Except during midterms and reading period, right?
#1 Most Beautiful Campus
How many Yale students does it take to screw in a light bulb? None. New Haven looks better in the dark.
#3 Best Quality of Life

#3 Most Politically Active Students
1968 it ain't.
(The guide says: “Princeton is a lifestyle, not a school,” and, “Your average Princeton students wants to run the world, not change it.”)
I totally agree--if this were 1950. The age of Princeton as the most comfortably country club in the nation is over, Princeton is a school. And it is an extremely good one.

Can't argue much with the second point, though, again, 2008 ≠ 1968.
The full IvyGate blog post can be found here.