Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Because the one thing I really need at 2 AM is digital coffee

Digital Wawa coffee, no less. I'll be honest: I love Wawa coffee. It's dirt cheap (for coffee anyway) and close enough and convenient enough to have fueled several hundreds of pages. Also: they have hazelnut. Needless to say, living in Whitman has caused my late-night coffee consumption to skyrocket.

But here's another thing about Wawa coffee: it's really simple. Which is why I don't really understand why Wawa has decided to create a website with interactive coffee games and weird music (well, to boost sales, but how exactly?)...

Screenshots and more after the cut.

As far as I can tell, there are three games, which range from the awesome to the moronic. On the high end of the stupid scale there's the "make your cup" game, which essentially allows you to make your cup of coffee by picking your coffee, creamer, and sweetener and their amounts. EXCEPT, that unlike at the real Wa,you don't get to drink it...

Then, there's an almost identical game, which is actually a personality quiz. Wawa meets Quizilla.

How very flattering for just hazelnut coffee and skim milk...

But the best game is this weird etch-a-sketch type thing, which lets you draw in coffee. Not only does the foam you draw with "fade" as you draw more, you can actually use a webcam to upload a picture.

Weird beyond belief. I really wonder what they were thinking.

And of course: the link.