Sunday, October 19, 2008

Figures of Speech: All That Free Time Edition

Seeing as this week is so slow, and students find themselves with scads of unscheduled hours, here are some lectures to stave off the boredom.

The One You Can’t Miss. Even on Midterm Week.
This Thursday at 4:30 in Richardson Auditorium at Alexander Hall, Princeton will welcome Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Her lecture, “On the Lighter Side of the U.S. Supreme Court: Customs of the U.S. Supreme Court that Promote Collegiality Among the Justices,” will be followed by a conversation with Provost and constitutional scholar Christopher Eisgruber.
She will hopefully discuss how there are really two high courts: the Supreme Court building has a gym with a basketball court on its top floor.
Because “Figures of Speech” loves you so much: remember to arrive by 4:15 and leave your backpacks and cameras in your room.

No Ticket? No Problem!
The bad news? Tickets are required for the Ginsburg event. If you are sans ticket, here are some alternatives that day, all at 4:30.
The second in a series of lectures on black gospel music is in 101 McCormick.
Over in Dodds, there’s a panel called “Human Evidence: The War in Iraq.” It features a lawyer, photographer, artist, and former National Security Council chief.
For the physics types, try “Statistical Physics Meets Neurobiology: Is Your Brain Wired Optimally?” in A10 Jadwin. (The answer seems to be no right about now).
Y en español, tenemos “Manifesto por un Neocorrido” con el autor Martín Solares en 219 Burr. (If you can’t read that, you’ll have some issues understanding the Spanish-language lecture).
Finally, there’s “Liberals and Libertarians: Common Ground or Separate Agendas?” in Dodds Auditorium in Robertson.

Can’t get enough of the American presidency now that the debates are over?
On Tuesday afternoon at 4:45 in 219 Burr, Professor Alvin S. Felzenberg *78 will address “What Makes for Greatness in a President?” Dr. Felzenberg teaches at the University of Pennsylvania and George Washington University.
And on Saturday, as part of the Fall Football Lecture series, at 10:15 in McCosh 50, four different Princeton professors (and one moderator) will discuss “McCain or Obama: What to Expect from the First 100 Days in Office.” The panelists are Professors Thomas Christensen, Melissa Harris-Lacewell, Russ Nieli, and Sean Wilentz. Professor Keith Whittington is moderating.

Next Week:
Since “Figures of Speech” won’t be posting next week, here’s an event of note for any dedicated readers sticking around on campus over fall break. On Thursday, from 10:30 to 9:30 in 219 Burr, there will be a symposium entitled “Reflections on Religious Liberty.” Princeton’s Professor Robert George will participate, along with five other speakers.

See you in two weeks.