Monday, October 13, 2008

Paging Amory Blaine

Nothing ever happens in Princeton—or so goes the Triangle Club’s campus famous song about the “Orange Bubble.” I tend to agree. I’ve been deluded into thinking a new flavor at The Bent Spoon is big news. But, the fact is, on rare occasions, things do happen at Princeton. I mean, compared to, say, Eureka, Montana, we’re practically a burgeoning metropolis.

Which brings me to my point, if you can really call it that. I'm wondering- whatever happened to “Amory Blaine” of the blog, “The Underside of Paradise?” Blaine-his nom de plume- kind of had me entertained for a while, with his grave robbing, quips on Princeton trivia, and casual thoughts on every day life around here. "He" usually said what I was thinking- or what I had vaguely heard about- but usually in a slightly more organized and elegant way. It was like a baby IvyGate, if decidedly less snarky, with more ties to the conservative community. Plus, I liked the pictures. And it kept me off Facebook. So, where did Blaine go?

"In order to focus on the financial crisis, I have decided to suspend my blog. Posting here will not resume until after the financial crisis is resolved and the thousands of high-paying jobs rightfully owed to Princeton graduates return."

Hmmm. Well, judging by the distinct lack of the usual firms holding events on campus or at the Nassau Inn, (but like, Zomg, Barclays is totally the new Lehman, right?) and the fact that something like 1/3 of the senior class has traditionally gone into the financial world, I'm guessing this may be a while.

Good thing Google caches everything. If you missed out and want to catch up: The Underside of Paradise. Thank God for Eric Schmidt.


Myles said...

Have you been to Eureka, Montana lately? Two New Golf courses, New grocery store under construction, New medical clinic. It's a happening place baby!

Meg Byrne '10 said...

Last time I was in Eureka was in 1999. I just remember buying fireworks on the side of the road on the 4th of July.

Chris H said...

Decidedly somewhat? Are you seriously kidding?