Thursday, December 4, 2008

best way to wake up if you are Wilsonite.

There are few good things about living in Wilson. Well, that's not true; there are a lot of good things about living in Wilson, but the reason why we complain is that there are probably an equal amount of bad things about living in Wilson. I mean, sure, it's pretty much impossible to stick things to the wall, unless you live in Clapp Hall; the outside of the buildings look... Well, I mean, you've seen how they look. And for a while, we ate inside a tent.

But you know, the Paw Points did make the walls of the tent look a lot nicer. And it felt very festive while we ate in the tent. Though the brick exterior of Wilson is unappealing, we've learned for years now that you can't judge by appearances. And you know, if you think about it, our rooms are kind of cozy. Maybe even modern! The cell blocks decorating the walls gives it almost a "loft" feel...

And you know, one of the best thing about Wilson — especially if you are one of those kids who sleep through three alarms, etc, etc. — is that there's a surefire way to ensure that you wake up. So, this is where the title comes in; the best way to wake up if you are a Wilsonite? Or maybe even the best part of being a Wilsonite? The squirrels — every Princetonian's best friend — can open your screen door to wake you up. It's really like a scene outside of Cinderella, or even like having your own personal alarm service.

I mean, sure, there is a chance that you might contract rabies ... But on the bright side, when you wake up, your heart rate is up, which will prepare you to talk during precept. And you have to actively either chase the squirrel out or keep it from coming in by closing the screen door. Maybe a scream or two will scare it from coming in as well?

And you know, for the unlucky students who probably don't know and will never know what this is like, the alarm clock on the left can probably provide a pretty accurate simulation.

The clock might be more systematic ... But really, nothing beats the real thing. So next time, when the squirrels begin to come out of hibernation and you have some work that needs to be done, just expose your screen door. And maybe to entice them, put some acorns, peanuts, maybe even a Cheeto on your window sill. They're sure to bite.