Monday, December 1, 2008

Figures of Speech: Great Titles Edition

But first, the can’t miss of the week: the Singer-D’Souza debate (“Can There Be Morality without God?”) on Wednesday at 8:30 in Richardson Auditorium. Tickets are free with a Tigercard and $15 without. Professor Peter Singer, of course, hails from Princeton’s Center for Human Values. Dinesh D’Souza is a noted conservative author and commentator. He previously debated Christopher Hitchens in St. Louis.
I don’t feel the need to say more, since this event has not only a Facebook group but also Facebook ads – the first time that Figures of Speech has encountered this.

Also this week, on Wednesday at 4:30 in Robertson 002, Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal will speak on “The Future of the US-Saudi Relationship”. He is the former Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the US as well as the former head of the Saudi intelligence service (GID). The prince is a graduate of the Lawrenceville School. His career in Saudi government has involved policy on Islamic extremist terrorism, and he has been the target of some criticism for policies towards Osama Bin Laden and others.

Finally, two noteworthy titles:
From the “interesting question, now that you ask” file: “Does College Really Matter?” (The rest of the title is: The History of Undergraduate Education, Why It’s in Trouble and What to Do About It.”) The speaker is Andrew Delbanco, a professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia. It’s actually a series of three lectures on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 5:30 each day in McCosh 10. Delbanco was named “America’s Best Social Critic” in 2001 by Time Magazine.

And on Tuesday at 4:30 in 100 Jones: “Not Your Daddy's Oil Market”. (The rest of this title is somewhat less catchy: Recent Trends in the Financialization of Energy Markets & Why it Matters for Price”). Regardless, this lecture (and any lecture on this page) should be timely. The speaker is Katherine Spector, formerly of JP Morgan.