Sunday, November 8, 2009

Burstein, partner marry in Connecticut

Executive Vice President Mark Burstein and partner David Calle were married Friday in Darien, Conn.

The ceremony was officiated at Darien's Town Hall by Justice of the Peace Mary Pugh.

As executive vice president, Burstein is the University's chief administrative officer, and his office oversees campus life, facilities, human resources, audit and compliance, university services as well as safety and administrative planning.

Burstein is also chair of the board of directors of the Victory Group, which provides support for gay and lesbian political candidates. He is also a trustee at Vassar College, his alma mater. He received an MBA from Penn.


Anonymous said...

Though the headline isn't necessarily incorrect, I would have preferred something more along the lines of "Burstein, fiancé marry in Connecticut." The whole idea of expanding marriage to include gay couples is that it is the same. By designating them as "partners" rather than "fiancés" or even "boyfriends," this headline and article points out their differences, the very differences same-sex marriage is meant to bridge. Even if they were formerly "partners" under a civil union, they probably weren't all to happy with that designation--the entire reason, I'd wager, they got a marriage!

AC said...

It's not the same, therefore partner is a good usage.

P'07 said...

The term "partner" doesn't necessarily refer to a gay partner, though. In many places it is being adopted as a neutral term for any kind of significant other (girlfriend, husband, fiancee, etc.) precisely because the term itself carries no gender designation. At HBS, for example, all students' significant others are officially classified as "partner," regardless of sexual orientation.