Monday, November 30, 2009

Who says professors have to be PC?

A certain professor in a certain biology class started lecture talking about deer, and ended it proposing a cure-all for homelessness. How?

According to this professor, deer and wolf populations are correlated to each other (at least in Michigan): The more deer there are, the more wolves eat deer. It’s a happy relationship.

Professor: Actually, we used to have a deer problem in Princeton too, since the only things killing them were SUVs.

(The class murmurs.)

Professor: But the people who owned those SUVs weren’t too happy. So now we hire a group called the White Buffalo to kill them.

Class: White Buffalo? Seriously?

Professor: My solution, of course — and you should vote for this in the next local elections — is to reintroduce wolves to the area!

Class: …What?

Professor: Think about it! No more deer! Plus, we wouldn’t have to worry about people not putting leashes on their pets OR homeless people anymore!

Moral of the class: Next time you vote, vote wolf.


Anonymous said...

I would vote wolf...Josephine Wolff, if she were running for something.

Anonymous said...

i sometimes think, after having dealt with a particularly stupid, arrogant, or unprepared young college student, "bears and wolves used to eat these people. they didnt live to grow up and become a burden." if you cant outrun it, outfight it, or outwit it, maybe we dont need you around.

college professors dont have to be pc. coherent and internally consistent would be nice, but theres no guarantee of those, either...

Phone Sex said...

Nice joke I think. Its interesting…:D