Sunday, November 15, 2009

Working for the...University

There are a variety of positions available for students on campus from Writing Center Fellow to Dining Services Clean-up Crew and Library Desk Attendant. Students working for the University can earn between $7.80 an hour to $14.40 an hour depending on the position and the number of hours worked. How does this compare to student pay at other universities? The Chronicle for Higher Education developed a list positions and pay at universities around the nation.

The lowest paid positions on the list recieve less than that of Princeton students. At the University of Montana, for example, students earn $7.25 as a student custodian. Or, if you attend the University of Denver you could earn between $13.50 and $19 as a psychology student research assistant. The best paid position, that of Mario the Dragon at Drexel University, provides partial tuition.