Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Jersey's governors hate Princeton

What gives, guys?

It's been just two weeks since Chris Christie beat Gov. Jon Corzine in his bid for re-election. But Christie announced this week he'll follow Corzine's lead in at least one respect: he won't be staying at the governor's official residence here in Princeton.

Known as Drumthwacket, the 20-room mansion just west of campus hasn't had a permanent resident since 2004, when Jim McGreevey resigned after having an extramarital affair.

Interesting sidenote:
Drumthwacket also surfaced in Mr. McGreevey’s divorce proceedings, when his wife argued that she had become accustomed to living at the executive mansion and should receive alimony commensurate with that lifestyle.

While Corzine didn't live at the 174-year-old mansion, he did recuperate there after he was seriously injured in 2007 when his SUV slammed into a guardrail at 91 miles per hour.

Instead of living in town, Christie will make a 80-minute commute from his home in Mendham to the state capitol in Trenton. L-A-M-E.


Anonymous said...

"Gov. Jon Cordzine" - LOL.

Anonymous said...

Spell check, guys. Corzine, not Cordzine...

Also, you should look into the old governor's mansion, Morven. A family hasn't lived there in a while, but it's closer to town and much cooler/now a museum.

Anonymous said...

if the governors dont want to live there, maybe the state should sell it and use the money to help close the budget gap.

who cares HOW you spell Governor Stumblebum's last name?