Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving at Home: Priceless or Pricey?

I have always found Thanksgiving break to be somewhat rushed. Tuesday, everyone is in class, out on the Street – the University appears to be in full swing: by Wednesday morning, there are nothing but a few tumbleweeds drifting across the Slums.

The mass exodus that happens somewhere between Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon has always perplexed me. Freshman year the trend was more distinct because almost everyone went home. As seniors, many of us are more likely to share the meal with friends, families of friends, or even the stray professor. Still, going home for Thanksgiving is part of what makes the holiday so great; and yet, it’s a costly undertaking.

An airline ticket to Los Angeles or Seattle?
At least $500 and as much as $1,000. (Depending on when you buy).

A train ticket to DC?
$61-90, depending on when you buy, the speed of the train, time of day, etc.

A ticket on a sketchy bus to Boston?
Well, $13.75 to get to the city on NJT, $2 for the subway, and around $20 for the bus itself. (Although, apparently some of these buses now have free wifi – sweet!)

If you’re from the tri-state area, getting home is less difficult, especially if you have a car. Friends can sometimes carpool to Virginia, Maryland – what have you. If you’re really lucky, one of your parents might come pick you up. But for most of us, traveling home for a long weekend is hectic and expensive, especially given Fall Break just a few weeks back.

I’m not suggesting you don’t head home for the holidays. But wouldn’t it be great if there were some way to really facilitate a nice on-campus Thanksgiving environment that didn’t involve a dining hall and maybe included a pre-tryptophan football match? I hear President Tilghman has a nice place.

Thanksgiving at Lowrie House with President Tilghman

N.B. Apparently you had to RSVP to President Tilghman's by November 20th, but if you still don't have plans, you can probably at least contact them to see if there are extra spots.

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