Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ivy Watch: Electoral Errors and Quaker Victory

Editor’s note
It’s not an article, but the Brown Daily Herald recently discovered that a significant number of the “direct quotations” in one of their articles hadn’t actually been spoken by their interviewees. Upon reviewing the previous work of the author in question, the Herald discovered that this was something of a trend.

GS won’t get swipe access to residence halls
Administrators at Columbia recently decided against granting residential hall access to General Studies students, students who are considered non-traditional because they have interrupted their education for a significant amount of time or because they attend the university part-time. This could be a great security measure, except for the fact that many of the services and classes their tuition pays for are located in those very residential halls.

Engr. Plans to Reduce Budget, Calling for More Students and Fewer Faculty
Cornell’s College of Engineering recently announced its intent to cut its budget by 15 percent. Among its plans: increasing the student body and cutting back on faculty. Sounds like the recipe for a great classroom experience.

Energy drinks may pose health risk
A dietician and manager of a Dartmouth eatery said she was reluctant to stock energy drinks after recent debate about their potential health risks. Surprisingly, the article doesn’t touch on the idea that the fact it’s even necessary to pull four consecutive caffeine-powered all-nighters might be a problem in its own right.

Fallout of UC Election Colored By Allegations of Misconduct, Internal Dissension, and Incriminating E-mails
Harvard’s Undergraduate Council recently tried to hold a presidential election, only to have it explode in uproar. And resignations. And accusations. And incriminating e-mails. Where have we seen this before?

Quakers seal outright Ivy title
Penn’s football team won the Ivy League championship after an undefeated season (we lost to them out of politeness at their homecoming game). No, really, it’s great that they’re so happy about the championship. And it has the added benefit of distracting people from the fact that for the first time since 2002 they produced no domestic Rhodes scholars.

Freshman Class Council scraps offensive shirts
Yale’s class of 2013 decided to abandon a t-shirt design after LGBT students were offended by it. The design featured a quote by Princetonian F. Scott Fitzgerald ’17, “I think of all Harvard men as sissies.”