Wednesday, March 3, 2010

$10,000 of belongings stolen from Pyne Hall

Roughly $10,000 worth of personal belongings were stolen from a dorm room in Pyne Hall today, Public Safety Deputy Director Charles Davall said this afternoon. Between 10 a.m. and 1:08 p.m., someone went into a student’s unlocked room and stole the items, which included two computers, an “expensive” watch and gaming equipment, Davall said.

There were no witnesses and Public Safety has no suspects.

"We really, really implore the students to lock their doors. It’s the number one way they can prevent something like this from happening,” Davall said. After the theft was reported, officers canvassed Pyne Hall and asked whether student has seen “anything suspicious,” said Ana Sollitto ’11, who lives in the dorm. She said that officers went room-to-room to see if anyone was hiding in the rooms.

Davall said that officers, as part of protocol, were checking nearby unlocked rooms to see if anything “looked amiss.” Public Safety then locked the doors behind them. Davall said officers were not looking for a hiding suspect.

By Henry Rome, staff writer for News