Friday, March 5, 2010

Anscombe Society + Princeton Pride Alliance join forces

This Thursday, the Princeton Pride Alliance and the Anscombe Society are co-sponsoring a petition in the Frist Campus Center to protest the Ugandan "Anti-Homosexuality Bill"
and encourage Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to continue her efforts against the bill, which includes life imprisonment of homosexuals and HIV positive individuals.

Homosexuality is illegal in more than 30 African countries including Uganda, where it is currently punishable with up to 14 years in prison. In late January, the Ugandan Parliament agreed to remove the death penalty from the bill, but the Parliament is expected to continue discussing the bill in the coming weeks and months.

At the annual National Prayer Breakfast on February 4th, both President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke out against the bill. Numerous religious organizations and leaders have also issued statements against the bill.

This marks a first in the recent history of these organizations. Read the 'Prince' this week for more details and coverage of the partnership and petition.

— Tasnim Shamma '11


Sam said...

It says a lot about the Anscombe Society that people are surprised by this.

Andrew said...

Or alternatively the misconceptions that people have about the Anscombe Society.